Kazakhstan's eLicense Informational Systems Integrations

The system of electronic licensing was integrated with the following informational systems:

  1. ICS Manager RSE STS
  2. EPP AIIS - Electronic Public Procurement Automated Integrated Information System
  3. ITIS RK - Integrated Tax Information System
  4. CAIS AS - Customs Automated Information System Application Software
  5. EICC AIS - Automated Information Subsystem of Collection and Analysis of Export and Import Currency Control Results
  6. SR AIS - Special Records Automated IS
  7. Service Center AIS
  8. MP IS - Migration Police Information System
  9. AECS RK - Automated Export Control System of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  10. RER SDB - Real Estate Register State DataBase
  11. I SDB - Individuals State DataBase
  12. LE SDB - Legal Entities State DataBase
  13. UNIS - Unified Notary Information System
  14. UACS AIS - “E-Agriculture” Unified Automated Control System for AgroIndustrial Sector
  15. UIS EP - Unified Information System of Environment Protection
  16. USS SUM IIS - Unified State System for Subsoil Use Management of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Integrated IS
  17. E-Statistics IS - “e-Statistics” Information System
  18. TDB AIS - Transport Database Analysis and Information System
  19. CICS NDMS - Corporate Information and Communication System of the National Disaster Management System
  20. PSC IIS - Public Service Center Integrated Information System
  21. EGOV - Portal of the Electronic Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  22. AR IS - Address Register Information system
  23. EGPG IS - Electronic Government Payment Gateway Information system
  24. EGG IS - Electronic Government Gateway Information system
  25. MGOV - Mobile version of the Electronic Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  26. NCC RK - National Certifying Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  27. CLS SR OPG RK - Information exchange system of law enforcement and special bodies
  28. HSQMS - Healthcare Services Quality Management System
  29. PBCS - Pharmaceutical Benefits Control System
  30. FLF AIS - Foreign Labor Force Automated Information System
  31. Torelik IS - Torelik Information System (Supreme Court)
  32. Almaty Region Akimat IS
  33. Astana City Akimat IS
  34. E-Statistics IS - “e-Statistics” Information System
  35. RMS IS
  36. RBE
  37. State Register IS

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